Arrival and Departure Days

Flight days: Friday, Sunday and Wednesday. On long weekends, Sunday flights operate on the Monday.
Winter 2017: February 10 to April 2
Summer 2017: June 23 to October 1

All Assiniboine Lodge guests, including visitors accessing the lodge by hiking or skiing, arrival and departure days are based on and restricted to helicopter flight days. Flights operate are on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On statutory holidays, the flight days are Friday and Monday.

Tips for getting from civilization to Assiniboine and back again:

  • To ensure you make your helicopter flight or have an early departure for hiking or skiing into Assiniboine, arrive in Canmore the day before your Assiniboine departure.
  • Depart on commercial flights the day after leaving Assiniboine.
  • It is easiest for visitors to rent a car.
  • There is a regular-shuttle bus services between the Calgary Airport and Canmore.
  • Taxi service is possible and economical feasible from hotels in Canmore to Canmore Alpine Heliport.
  • There is no public or economically reasonable private transportation option from Canmore to the the Mount Shark Helipad, the Mount Shark Trailhead or Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Parking Lot.
  • Limit space (2-3 people) is sometimes available from Canmore to the Mount Shark Helipad for helicopter passengers. The transportation cost $15.00 per person/each way. Contact the Assiniboine reservations office to book.

Shuttle service between Calgary Airport and Canmore: click here
Recommended accomodation in Canmore: click here

Trip delays due to cancelled helicopter flights

  • Assiniboine Lodge is not responsible for consequences of cancelled helicopter flights due to weather conditions.
  • There is no refund for the lost night of accomodation at Assiniboine for delayed incoming visitors.
  • Delayed outgoing visitors are not required to pay for the additional nights stay.
  • Assiniboine Lodge is not responsible for the additional cost of accomodation incured for delayed incoming visitors.
  • Assiniboine Lodge is not responsible for missed travel for delayed departing visitors.
  • When weather conditions allow, helicopter flights will resume the following day.