What is at the Campgrounds?

This campground has 29 tent pads, a semi-enclosed cooking shelter, an open-air cooking area, several food storage lockers, 2 grey water pits, 3 water taps, and 5 outhouses. Drinking water is found in a stream that runs through the campground. 

Og Lake
There is a campground located at the north end of Og Lake, approximately 5 km from Lake Magog. This campground is equipped with 7 tent pads, an outhouse, and a central cooking area with food storage lockers and a grey water pit.  Water is available from Og Lake. 

Obrien Meadows
A group camping area that can accommodate up to 25 people is located at O'Brien Meadows. Campsite reservations are required for this group site. Contact Assiniboine Lodge for more information.