Claude Duchesne - business partner with Andre Renner

In the winter of 1983 I went skiing at Sunshine Village near Banff. I saw a big mountain to the south. It was magnificent and I felt the need to get closer to it. After a couple of weeks of shopping and research I came back with brand new telemark gear and big hopes of reaching that amazing peak, Mount Assiniboine. Unfortunately a big snow storm moved in, the mountain disappeared, and I was lost in a white out. I some how made my way back to Sunshine Village determined to return and get to this beautiful mountain at some point. I was nineteen and new to the mountains. I might still be in the Valley of Rocks to this day if I had tried to continue.

Ever since that first attempt, I have successfully returned to Assiniboine many times. I came alone in summer, and then with my wife Annick and our children. Annick has cooked at the Lodge for years and I came on working vacations to be with my family while she worked. We got to know another family, the Renner’s, on these working vacations. Assiniboine became a place for us to get together as a family, relax, hike, fish, discover the wonderful peaks, meadows and meet the great guests.

I worked for almost 20 years at CMH Heli-Skiing as a guide and manager. I am thrilled to be able to spend the next twenty years at Assiniboine Lodge, hiking, skiing, and getting to know all of you.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

by Claude Duchesne