Luggage Restrictions

Luggage restrictions: 40 pounds per person/flight
Excess baggage fee: $3.00 per pound/flight
Cost for flying gear only:  $3.00 per pound/flight
Bag size: 12x15x32 inches or 29x37x80 cm

  • Space is limited on the helicopter. Gear must be limited to essentials.
  • Gear above the luggage restrictions will incur an excess baggage fee.
  • More than one bag is allowed provided the bags meet the size and weight limits.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the helicopter.
  • Suitcases and backpacks with external frames are not allowed in the helicopter.
  • Backpacks and small duffel bags are best.
  • Anything attached to your bag may be removed in order to fit in the helicopter.
  • Items such as hiking poles, walking sticks, fishing rods, tripods and ice axes should be treated and tagged as seperate items.
  • Bear spray, fuel for camp stoves and any other flammables must be kept separate from your other gear and identified to the helipad personnel.  These items will be put in a specific compartment on the helicopter.
  • One pair of skis is allowed. Do not bring ski bags.  A second pair of skis may be flown in for $50 round-trip, if space is available.
  • Wear your bulky clothing and boots on the helicopter, as it is often colder at Assiniboine.
  • Your gear will be loaded and unloaded from the helicopter by our staff.
  • We reserve the right to refuse oversize bags/items and extra skis due to space restrictions.

Additional Luggage Restrictions for Hut Visitors and Campers

  • Sleeping bags and sleeping pads attached to backpacks may have to be removed in order for your bag to fit in the helicopter. Pack these items inside your backpack.
  • BBQ’s are not allowed at the Naiset Huts or Campgrounds.
  • Hard-sided coolers are not allowed. They do not fit in the helicopter or the food storage boxes at the Naiset Huts or the Campgrounds.