Maps and Guide Books

Map Reference: 82 J/13 (Mount Assiniboine), 82 O/4 (Banff)
Assiniboine Lodge GPS location: 5054.568N, 11537.079W
Google Earth reference: Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is covered in low resolution on Google Earth. Assiniboine lodge is at 50°54’37”N, 115°37’30.57”W


  • Gem Trek Publishing 1:100 000 topographic map entitled “Banff and Mount Assiniboine”. This excellent map shows the access trails, trails in the area and area highlights in detail. Gemtrek maps can be ordered online and shipped internationally. Click here to order your map.
  • Canadian Government Issued standard topographical map 82 J/13 (Mount Assiniboine), 82 O/4 (Banff)

Guidebooks and general interest books

  • Backcountry Huts and Lodges of the Rockies and Columbia, by Jim Scott
  • Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, by Patton and Robinson
  • Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies (3rd edition) by Chic Scott
  • Don’t waste your time in the Canadian Rockies, by Kathy and Craig Copeland
  • Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, by Alan Kane
  • Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, by Ben Gadd

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