Assiniboine guides Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC

Assiniboine Lodge welcomes guests in summer to hike among some of the world's most breathtaking views. Join us for a spectacular ridge walk, a bird's eye view of the planet, an aftenoon wading along a sea of wildflowers, or taking in valleys painted golden by larch trees with snow clad mountains as your backdrop.

Fishing enthusiasts, purchase your license from BC Parks online here.  Fast, easy and you are ready to go.



Assiniboine is a high alpine park and visitors must come expecting any kind of (and quicky changing!) weather. The Park can fluctuate between ankle deep snow and temperatures in the high 20°C. You can be building a snowman one week and plunging in an alpine lake for reprieve from heat all in the span of a few days. Each day, Assiniboine Lodge guests can chose between  two guided hiking trips. One trip is easier and shorter while one is harder and longer. The guided hiking trips can be a tour of the lakes or scrambling up ridges- it really is your choice.

Grizzly bears are often seen in the summer. Encounters in the past have been mutually respectful and it is good backcountry practice to hike in groups and carry bear spray, and know how to use it.

Summer at Assiniboine Lodge begins in late June with a celebration of the summer solstice. Signs of the quickly retreating winter are marked by buttercups and anemonies poking through the snow. The cheerful songs of the returning thrushes, the vibrant new growth of the larches and the leisurely stretching of daylight into the late evening bring magic to the landscape. The fishing is always good at Asssiniboine, but early summer is a standout as the lake ice retreats. In early summer bring gaitors and be prepared to weave though snow patches in typical early season Rocky Mountain hiking conditions.

As the snowline moves to the peaks, the wildflowers explode into bloom in a sea of colour that blankets the alpine meadows. The flowers are usually at their peak between the third week of July to the middle of August, making this the most popular time to visit. Every colour of the palette is expressed in the Indian Paintbrush, forget-me-nots, asters and fleabane. Even mountain tops are dotted with the purple upward march of the moss campion. Paradise usually has two sides and the height of the flowers coincides with the mosquito and horseflies. 

The frost starts nipping in the middle of August and signs of fall gradually appear, turning the leaves crimson and yellow. Quiet returns to the alpine as the gophers make an early return to hibernation, the birds start heading south and the bugs face their demise with the frost. The larches take center stage in the middle of September. The light softens and the valleys become golden, the mountain peaks turn white and it is not unusual to have long stretches of brilliant weather until the beginning of October.


Assiniboine is a true winter wonderland. The ski terrain at Assiniboine lends itself to telemarking, ski touring and snowshoeing. Beginners with determination and advanced skiers can enjoy skiing at Assiniboine. Assiniboine has a Rocky Mountain snowpack and it is not unusual to have a settled snowpack of over 2 meters. There are many gentle ski trips on flat terrain for beginners and snowshoers and options for those who like turning in the power. Our guides are trained professionals and provide guests with safe and enjoyable outings. Avalanche beacons, shovels and probes are supplied for Assiniboine Lodge guests.

The winter season at Assiniboine Lodge is from mid-February to the first weekend in April. A cold day at Assiniboine can be -25°C and a spring skiing day can be +10°C. 

Skiers can discover untracked mountain peaks, glades of perfectly spaced snow-covered trees and gentle ski tours through alpine meadows blanketed in snow. It is never too cold or snowy to enjoy a day in the mountains. Our guides lead groups every day and cater to all levels. The final destination might be sipping tea on the porch at Lizzie's Cabin at Sunburst Lake or carving up Ellie's Dome on a bluebird powder day.