We had the best family time at Assiniboine. It exceeded our expectations to the max! The people you meet on these trips become family within the first hour. The cabins were awesome. We loved the culture and the hosts were so great. There is that saying that it’s not what people say to you that you remember, it’s how they make you feel. We left feeling full, not only from the food, the mountains, the fresh air, the challenging inclines...from the people. Our trip was AMAZING!!!!

Janice F., Saskatoon

My family and I won't ever forget our time at Assiniboine. Breath-catchingly beautiful mountains. A cozy, historic cabin to bed down in at night under a glittering star-filled sky. Competent, friendly guides with an infectious passion for mountain life - no matter the season. All of these elements combined, never mind an exciting helicopter ride in and out, made for an outstanding Family Day weekend. The whole experience purred Canadiana.
Kim G., Calgary

Historic Assiniboine Lodge is a gem in the Canadian Rockies. Great staff, excellent service and delicious food. Professionally guided hiking on the many pristine trails. Excellent for photography. Home to grizzly bears, mountain goats, elk and eagles. Easily one of our most memorable vacations.
Paul H., Whistler, BC

A beautiful and newly renovated lodge operated by a very enthusiastic, energetic and friendly team. Wonderful and plentiful food served up in a very warm and pleasing atmosphere.  Daily guided ski outings with André and Claude to some fantastic locations, keeping us busy and safe for 5 days.  We're addicted!
Eva & Paul, Banff

If I had any sense I would write how awful the lodge is, so it would remain a quiet gem in the Rockies. Unfortunately, I can't do that. This place is a perfect paradise. Beautiful cabins, here you have life as it should be in the mountains. No electricity, great food, great cleanliness, great hospitality, superb views and hiking, and a pristine wilderness.
Michael B., Calgary