Hut Rules

Hut Rules

Here is a list of simple rules to follow in order to maximize everyone’s enjoyment.

While at The Hind Hut:

  • No smoking
  • Dogs are not permitted (with the exception of seeing eye dogs).
  • If you arrive at the hut before 2:00pm, put your belongings where they will not disturb the previous nights’ occupants.
  • Please be considerate of others; the hut should be quiet by 10 pm.
  • Carry out all of your garbage.
  • Do not do personal washing in cooking pots or nearby streams - use wash basins and slop pits.
  • Do not store food outside the hut  – you will attract wildlife
  • Fill stoves and lanterns outside the hut and leave extra fuel outside.
  • Clean the stoves after using them.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Follow posted instructions for care and maintenance of the outhouse to minimize odour and environmental impact.

When leaving the hut:

  • If your belongings will be in the hut after 2:00pm, and you are not staying that night, be sure to pack everything up and leave it out of the way in a corner so the new guests can move in.
  • Leave all tools inside the hut when not being used.
  • Empty all water containers and slop buckets before leaving the hut.
  • Take out all leftover food as food left in the hut encourages rodents. (Other people generally won’t use it as they don’t know how old it is.)
  • Close & latch the outhouse door when leaving to keep out rodents & snow.
  • Close/lock hut, replace shutters (if applicable), before leaving the hut.
  • A nearly full outhouse, damage to hut & similar matters should be reported to Assiniboine Lodge

Please leave the hut in better condition than you found it.