Hut Rules

Here is a list of simple rules to follow in order to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of the hut experience.

While at the Naiset Huts and Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter:

  • 7 night maximum stay.
  • No smoking inside or on porches (please be sure to clear away and pack out any butts with your garbage)
  • Dogs are not permitted inside any buildings (with the exception of seeing eye dogs). Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Pick up your dog poop.
  • No sleeping in the Cooking Shelter.
  • No cooking, food or garbage storage inside the Naiset Huts.
  • No cooking with personal stoves inside the Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter. Use the propane stoves provided. If you chose to use your own stove, cook, store and refill your fuel canisters outside.
  • Do not store your food or garbage in the Cooking Shelter. Use the outdoor metal boxes. Winter visitors, who have food that is cold sensitive, may store their food in the Cooking Shelter.
  • Do not bring coolers to Assiniboine. They are not allowed on the helicopter and do not fit in the food storage boxes.
  • Do not store your personal belongings inside the Cooking Shelter. Use your Hut.
  • Be considerate of other. Socialize in the Cooking Shelter. The Huts are to be quiet by 10 pm.
  • Clean up after yourself.  Please be sure all dishes, utensils, pots/pans are washed and returned to their proper storage area in the Cooking Shelter.
  • No personal washing or teeth brushing in the Cooking Shelter or the nearby streams. Use a personal pot, biodegradable soap and the grey water pit in front of the Fleabane hut.

When leaving the Huts and Cooking Shelter:

  • In the Cooking Shelter, turn off the propane lights.
  • If you are not staying the night, but need to leave your belongings while you go for a day hike, pack your belongings and leave them in a corner in the Wonder Lodge Cooking Shelter.
  • Pack out your leftover food and garbage.
  • Ensure that the hut, cooking shelter and outhouse doors are closed properly.
  • Leave the Hut, Cooking Shelter and food storage bins in better condition than when you arrived.