What is at the Hind Hut?

The ladies at the Hind Hut


Emergency radio phone: Yes
Heating: None
Lighting: None
Cooking: Two burner cooking stove. Fuel, pots, dishes and utensils are supplied.
Food storage: Inside the Hind Hut.
Sleeping: Dormitory style on rustic plywood bunk beds. Foam camping mattress supplied.
Capacity: Total capacity is 12-15 people.
Drinking water: Melt water from the Strom snowfield.
Grey water: Sink
Human waste: 1 outhouse
Garbage: Pack it out

The Building: The Hind Hut was built by the Alpine Club of Canada for B.C. Parks in 1971. It was renovated in the summer of 2011 by BC Parks. The hut is a one room pre-fabricated arch-style building. Note the roof is now light brown. The size is 16 x 20 feet. The Hut sleeps up to 15 people sardine style. When climbing conditions are good, expect a full hut and early morning noise.

Emergency Radio Phone: There is a two-way radio at the Hut for contact with Assiniboine Lodge. Banff Park weather forecasts are available by radioing Assiniboine Lodge at 6:00 pm.

Sleeping Arrangements: The back of the hut is a multi-person plywood bunk bed. Expect to get to know the sounds and smells of your bunk buddies. Foam camping mattress covered in water-resistant material are supplied. There is no camping allowed.

Cooking: A two burner cooking stove, fuel, pots, dishes and utensils are supplied. There is a table with two benches which can be used for meal preparation and eating. Cooking with personal stoves is not allowed inside the Naiset Huts.

Food Storage: Inside the Hut

Lighting: There are no lights in the Hind Hut. Due to fire regulations, candles are not allowed. Bring your flashlights/ headlamp.

Heat: There is no heat provided. Bring a warm sleeping bag or snuggle up.

Drinking Water: There is no running water in the Hind Hut. Glacier melt water can be collected from the stream from the Strom Icefield located 100 meters west of the Hind Hut. Boil or filter all drinking water.

Grey Water: You can drain grey water directly down the sink in the Hind Hut. Be sure that the strainer is in place under the drain. Do not allow any food scraps (including coffee grounds) to enter the ground sump. Periodically empty the strainer contents and pack the contents out in your garbage.

Human Waste: 1 outhouse. Bring your own toilet paper. No garbage disposal in the outhouse.

Garbage: Pack out all your garbage. Do not leave any unused food behind even if it is non-perishable. It attracts rodents and people do not use it since they don’t know how old it is.