Where is it?

Hind Hut with Assiniboine (note the hut roof is now light brown)

The Hind Hut is a hut for mountaineers climbing Assinboine and is located at the base of Mount Assiniboine. Access to the Hind Hut is through the Gmoser Ledges. Route finding, scrambling and a level of comfort with exposure are necessary skills for persons attempting to reach the Hind Hut. Climbing helmets are required.

Mount Assiniboine itself is a serious and often difficult climb. It is not a peak for beginners and is frequently underestimated. There is substantial exposure and rock fall hazard. In dry conditions it is technically straight forward. More likely though, it will be snowed or iced up and the climbing very challenging.

The most popular route on this 11,867ft. (3618m) peak is the North Ridge. This 3,000ft. ridge is steep and exposed without being too technically difficult. Initially, climbers travel up a series of gullies and climb a rock band before reaching the ridge crest which is followed to the 'Red Band'. Once on the ridge, climbers are faced with significant exposure and climb fifth class rock for several hundred feet to the corniced summit. The view from the summit is incredible.

Climbing time is anywhere from 8 to 14 hours return from the Hind Hut.

Assiniboine Lodge does not offer guiding services on Mount Assiniboine. To book a climbing guide contact Yamnuska.