Day Hikes

The Elizabeth Lake via the Niblet returning by Sunburst Lake

Distance: approximately 7.8 km
Elevation gain: 210 m
Allow: easy half day trip
Gem Trek hiking map: 26620 Banff and Mount Assiniboine
Topographical maps: Mount Assiniboine 82 J/13 and Banff 82 O/4.
Trailhead: Assiniboine Lodge

Trail Description
This is an easier day hike. The loop starts by climbing to the Niblet, which provides the much photographed panoramic view of Assiniboine and the lakes scattered around it's base. On the return trip, hikers can enjoy a tour of Elizabeth, Cerulean and Sunburst Lakes. This circuit combines an incredible viewpoint with relatively small elevation gain and the lake tour. Hikers looking for an additional challenge can add the summit of the Nublet and Nub or continue past Elizabeth Lake to Chuck's Ridge.

After leaving Assiniboine Lodge, pass the Assiniboine Pass junction (0.2 km) following the trail west. Reach the Magog campground junction (0.3m m) and follow the trail as it branches to the right towards Nub Ridge. As you leave the meadow, notice Sunburst Lake horse trail (1.0 km) branching to the left. Stay right and begin to climb to the ridge through the larch trees. 

The trail crests the ridge (2.1 km) and reaches the highest point of the Niblet (2.3 km).  Assiniboine in it's magnificent isolation towers over surrounding Wedgewood Peak, Sunburst Peak and The Marshall. Sunburst and Cerulean Lakes lay beneath your feet and Lake Magog, the largest lake in the Park, glistens in the distance.

Continuing north, the trail reaches the Nublet/Nub and Elizabeth Lake junction (2.4 km). Head left, down the switchbacks on the Elizabeth Lake connector trail. Reach the Sunburst Valley trail junction (3.5 km) and continue straight ahead descending to Elizabeth Lake (3.9 km). Elizabeth Lake is named in honor of Lizzie Rummel who operated the Sunburst Cabin as a tourist lodge from 1951 to 1970.

From here, hikers can either extend their hike by 0.8 km by going to Chuck's Ridge or return directly by climbing back to the Sunburst Valley trail junction (4.3 km)