Renner tradition of unmatched hospitality continues.

I’ve been at Assiniboine every summer, and most winters, since I was nine years old.  I am excited to have been able to secure the bid from BC parks, and to be the managing partner here at Assiniboine for another twenty years. I will never beat Erling Stroms record of fifty summers spent in Assiniboine Park, but it will be close. I will be the fossil by then!

I’m pleased to introduce my business partner, Claude Duchesne and his family. Claude will be joined often at the Lodge by his wife Annick, daughter Anne-Marie, and son Alexandre. Claude, with his energy and warmth, is looking forward to meeting everyone who comes to visit us at the Lodge. Many of you already know his wife, Annick, and the great meals she has cooked here at Assiniboine. The Duchesne/Blouins will be the third family to be involved with managing the Lodge in its 83 years of existence!

Sandy Wing stays on as the calm and organized voice you hear at our reservations office. We are very happy she has agreed to continue with Claude & me. Many of you know her well, and she is a wizard at keeping everything and everybody organized.

Looking forward to sharing the magic of this place with you.  


Andre Renner

by Andre Renner