Restoration & Renovations

Well, the Lodge is our old girl. She has been going strong since 1928, and she was in need of a little love and restoration. She had been slowly sinking all these years and getting more crooked and sloped. Now, just in time for the hundred year anniversary of BC Parks, she has been restored with the help of BC Parks.

Assiniboine Lodge was closed summer 2011 and winters 2011 & 12.  The restoration work, supported by BC Parks,  has preserved the the 1928 lodge and buildings for another 83 years.  The walls and all their character still retain some of the stories and history of Assiniboine.

What did change?... gentler stairways, warmer rooms, less leaky doors, and most importantly a firm foundation.  No more draughty dinners, and now, the meals from the new kitchen....out of this world!  Come and experience Assiniboine Lodge.....a place like no other!