Assiniboine Lodge

Assiniboine Provincial Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site

We hit the road on Oct. 19 starting our winter promotions.  

Come and see what this place is like cozy and snug surrounded and covered with a thick blanket of white.  Won't you join us this winter?  Ski touring, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and more! For more details call Sandy or Laurie at  403.678.2883 or email


Take a step back into Canadian history and have a mountain adventure like no other. Built in 1928, Assiniboine Lodge is the first ski lodge in the Canadian Rockies. Retaining it's rustic charm of the past, the comfortable and cozy accommodations are the perfect base to explore the spectacular area. The full service lodge welcomes 30 guests in 7 private cabins and 5 lodge rooms. Accessible from Canmore, guests enjoy guided hiking and ski touring, gourmet meals, warm showers, rolling in the snow after a sauna and goose down duvets.  We welcome people with an adventurous spirit to be inspired by the mountains, experience solitude, be still, enjoy fine cuisine and to feel as though you are part of a living history. Extraordinary experiences are served daily.

Assiniboine Lodge is a remote backcountry lodge. It is 28 kilometeres from the nearest road and completely off the grid. Accessible by helicopter, hiking or skiing.